Sarum 28 sailing cruiser

Sarum 28 sailing cruiser


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Just in on Brokerage she is a Sarum 28 fin keel

The boat has been on  the hard for that period.
She is a 1988 Sarum  30 (one of only 4 built, the rest and most commonly built was  the sarum 28. The designer was Robert Tucker and they were built of alloy  as a production run in the 80's when the cost of marine grade alloy was  cheap - which is no longer the case). She is therefore light and very  strong.
The engine is a  volvo penta MD 7A and it was serviced before the boat was put on the hard, but  it is orginal to the boat.
The standing rigging  was changed about 15 years ago but she has only been lightly  used.
She was surveyed for  insurance purposes before she was put on the hard with no significant faults.  (Conclusion was sound with cosmetic work required)
She does need a new  rudder bearing and it was recommended that the through hull fittings should all  be wired independently to the anodes rather than in series.
The sails are  reasonable (roller on the front and slab reefing on the  main